People lack of a sense of humour!

10/24/2013 13:41

even katy perry knows it:


Of all the many people I’ve met in my lifetime, I’ve rarely met anyone who didn’t have a sense of humour WHATSOEVER, who was psychological normal at least, so I’m wondering what you would consider a person ‘without a sense of humour’ so to speak?

For me, someone who is so serious/insecure that they can’t laugh at themselves doesn’t have a true sense of humour. For instance, if someone makes a light-hearted, inoffensive joke about you, you can only see it as an insult. Indeed, sometimes I’ve laughed at ‘insults’ against me that I later found a bit offensive, but the humour sort of neutralised it.

I also find someone with a very one-dimensional type of humour lacking in a true sense of humour. Like they will only laugh when someone gets a pie in their face, or stupid sarcastic/ironic statements (such as saying ‘it’s a beautiful day’ when it’s cloudy, unless it works with something else I find statements like this tediously uncreative and unfunny). Someone with a well-developed and intelligent sense of humour appreciates most of the common forms of humour (I can laugh at pretty much all comedy), and doesn’t just crack up at one-liners or something like that.

I find people without a sense of humour may go a whole day without smiling at all, whereas someone like myself, even in my darkest moments I laugh/smile easily (even when I’m frowning alot for other reasons). So much so I look really goofy/ridiculous.

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